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8 Web Design Trends in 2015

The industry of Web Design is both exciting and diverse and one that is constantly shifting and evolving. Website design is the tool for presenting a product or service, a way of connecting with an audience and presenting them with an opportunity to get to know a brand.

Of course there are basics to web design that reappear continuously; however, there are also many new design techniques that surface every now and then. I’d like to explore the web design trends that are being seen in 2015; ideas and inventions from designers and developers that are currently being redefined, introduced and implemented.

1. Simple, Minimal Designs

Simplistic and minimalistic designs are something we have been seeing for a while now and it is definitely a growing feature. A simple design is one that doesn’t go out of fashion. If we think of a bold and lavish fashion accessory it is something that can only be worn in certain times, however a simple yet stunning piece is timeless. A website design works in the same way. People are drawn to simplicity, something that is pleasing to the eye whilst beckoning attention.

2. Greater Emphasis on Typography

Web type-kits allow for amazing fonts and stunning typefaces to be used on websites but they have always been a very expensive feature. However, this year type-kits have become far more affordable allowing more freedom of choice for designers working with a small budget. Readability is a crucial feature for any website so implementing responsive typography with responsive images is definitely an up-and-coming feature of 2015.

3. Outstanding Background Images

This year has also seen the progression of beautiful, bold background images and videos. Sites now are striving to stand-out by displaying great content and larger-than-life images. Images as backgrounds and overlays that allow text to float, with exciting colours and unique illustrations are storming the internet. This is definitely a trend that is growing larger by the minute.

4. Interactive Web Graphics

Infographics are something that have been used massively over the last few years for websites. However, the latest trends are seeing that infographics are now being replaced with more visually attractive, relevant and effective interactive infographics. These interactive infographics allow users to have a more engaging and fun experience enabling them to get involved physically and learn more.

5. Scroll! Don’t click.

We have all experienced the joys of scrolling and clicking away on a website but let’s admit that it is far less tedious to scroll along that have to click your way through a page. To ensure that the user is enjoying their web experience designers are allowing scrolling to dominate clicking. Scrolling not only enhances the users experience but reduces page loading times and increases sensitivity ensuring a more energetic interaction between the user and the website.

6. Interactive Storytelling

A brand is essentially made up of many different values such as creativity, originality, sophistication and simplicity. The way in which a webpage is presented, from the page layout and colour scheme to font choice and narrative tools, is a way to define those brand values by showing them in action. This is interactive storytelling and it is a feature that is being seen more and more as time goes by, growing and refining as it does so.

7. Unique Navigation Menus

A navigation menu is by far one of the most important aspects of any website. It is the door to the shop where your goods are being held. Navigation menus are constantly being re-evaluated to ensure they are providing the best entrance to a brand. Creative solutions are big this year. Navigation menus are being loaded with unique and inspiring imagery, vivid and dynamic animations, pop-up features and distinctive and inspirational content to create outstanding browsing experiences.

8. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are basically small interactions that help in completing tasks such as changing a setting, liking a post, altering a status etc. They aid in making a webpage more interactive and engaging and promote better usability and they are one of the most popular trends of 2015.

Web design trends continue to grow and become more creative and innovative as they do so. These trends can have a massive impact on the success of a website and although trends change with the times we can be sure that web design is an industry that will continue to wow us.