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Accounting Made Easy, Secure and Beneficial for All

Accounting can be intimidating, time consuming and, if you are using a standard accounting software system, expensive for a small business. Not anymore with FreshBooks, a cloud accounting software designed exclusively for service-based small businesses, even if the people behind it do say so themselves.

But let’s break it down and see why millions of small businesses offering services use FreshBooks to do their billings.

1. Free 30-day trial period

Best things first, you don’t have to make a massive commitment from the get-go; you can use the software for a 30-day free trial period before you decide to sign-up.

2. Easy to use

Accounting isn’t for everyone but with FreshBooks you can easily bill your customers.

If you do happen to have a question about how the software works, or if you get stuck while using it, you can chat to professionals in real time during working hours.

3. Get your accounting done at any location

The accounting software runs from any device – from your desktop, iPhone, to your iPad – and your data is always right there, backed up, secure and ready to be worked on.

4. Being organised is only a few clicks away

FreshBooks has a tracking system so you can see how much time you have spent on making sure your debits equal your credits.

By being organised and knowing exactly what is going on with your accounts, you can make sure you don’t misplace an invoice and miss out on a payment.

While your business becomes more organised, your clients will also trust in you more as their invoices will be accurate and professional.

5. Save precious time

FreshBooks have done the statistics and found that on average the software saves each user an approximate of two days per month on paperwork. But that is not all, as you use the software more frequently you will see that the time you use to log your expenses and invoice your clients will decrease. Less time spent doing your accounting means more pleasure time or time for you to do more work.

6. You can get paid much faster

You can easily invoice a customer right from your desk or while at the client’s office, the choice is yours. Because you save time on doing your accounting, or getting someone else to do it for you, you can invoice the customer sooner, allowing them ample time to prepare their finances and make the transaction. Again, this is a sign of a professional job done well.

7. Watch your business expand

Probably the most important advantage of all is that FreshBooks helps you grow your business. An easy-to-use accounting software system means less time spent on doing your accounts, a more professional look for your business, and more time to do what gets you paid. The perfect equation to get your small business firmly on the ladder to becoming a bigger one.