Google’s Mobile Friendly algorithm

Google’s new Mobile-Friendly ‘Apocalyptic’ Algorithm is almost here! Google is releasing a mobile-friendly algorithm which will serve as a ranking signal for your website. It’s due for launch this April 21st. And all the world’s gone mad, going so far as to call this launch the mobilepocalyse, mobilegeddon, mobocalypse or ...

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The Simplest Ways to Optimise Your Website

It goes without saying that a brand without online presence is going to struggle to compete in a market that is all about digital interaction. The marketing landscape has evolved and this evolution has seen the internet dominate brand growth. So what does this mean for your business? Well, at ...

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Social Media – Are You Doing It Right?

It’s insane to think just how technological innovation has revolutionised social interaction. With the move of practically everything to online platforms, the internet has become this limitless source of information. As a result, the consumer today is a much smarter individual than the consumer of yesterday. What does this mean ...

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