The creation of the logo of a business is not enough for the protection of the business activities of the company.

Very often, businesses and companies start marketing and advertising their services and products without obtaining any protection of their trademark.

This can create a number of significant problems to the brand.

In more details a logo which is not protected as a trademark, can be easily copied and used by anyone and as a consequence of this the company will not be possible to distinguish and distinguish its products in the market.

The logo of a brand is the most important element as it is used as its image and identity.

Also, for the first time in internet history, a protected trademark gives you the opportunity to protect your logo in the new internet system and thus to stop any online misleading use of your trademark.

Lastly, protecting your logo as a trademark, not only you achieve total legal protection of your brand but you also have the right to enjoy the tax exemptions Cyprus offers to all the intellectual property owners.

The registration costs of a trademark in Cyprus, in the EU or internationally is low and is understood as an investment.

A Cyprus trademark is protected for a period of 7 years, since the application date and can be renewed for unlimited periods of 14 years each.

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