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Designing a website that gets noticed

When it comes to creativity there are no limits and when it comes to designing a successful website, the internet can be your oyster. But with such a playing field as big as the ocean and with plenty more fish in the sea, designers need to keep their eye on the prize by creating a website with an amazing feel and look that will earn rakings in search results and be relatively easy to use.

So how can a website get high rankings and also look awesome with an easy to navigate approach? Simple, just follow these tips and see your online rankings grow.

1. Lots of websites are replacing text content with images. These images won’t appeal to search engine crawlers. Textual information is what matters as it helps search engines understand what the website is all about. So a website rich with text has more of a chance to rank highly in search results and to make sure rich text contains as many relevant keywords as possible. More text and more keywords are the partners that will give clear information and get your website noticed.

2. Shopping has gone from a physical activity and a day-out to a quick search on our mobile phones and the pressing of a buy button. Optimising sale websites for mobile devices will surely put the website in the right path to getting noticed and making sales.

3. Even if the world of web design is off limits to cramping creativity, sometimes web designers get lost in their creative thoughts, and create web site navigation a by-product. A good designed navigation bar avoids confusion for the search crawlers and keeps them on the website’s good side.

4. Speed is pretty much the name of the game where the internet is concerned. You could have a beautifully designed page which navigates perfectly, but if it takes forever to upload then users won’t really have the chance to see any of it. So to avoid this, keep in mind that less visual elements including frames and flash files will get visitors to the page quicker, and make sure they do get to the page, instead of hitting the back button.

5. Yes, text is needed and overdoing it with visual elements will slow down the uploading of the page, but not using images would make for a pretty boring website. So go ahead and use images, just make sure you optimise the image with an alt text – this will enable web crawlers to read a description of the images and in turn promote ranking of the website.