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Don’t leave your customers in messenger limbo ever again

It used to be that customers would take a stroll to their local shops to ask a question. They had much more time back then and everything was just around the corner. Then they used the telephone to get their queries answered before venturing out to spend their hard-earned cash. Now, with the world seemingly even smaller and with most of us considering our time and efforts as attributes that we treasure dearly and don’t want to let go of on a whim, we turn to a simple message.

We may have come a long way when it comes to technology and social media interaction, but we have lost that face-to-face feel and when a question does pop into our heads we want an answer right there and then. An email just doesn’t cut it anymore as users go through homepages and social media portals to compare companies, price and services. So, if you are a company with an active Facebook page you will know that questions or even comments via Facebook messenger are on the up and up.

In order for your organisation to stay on that level of up and up, you may want to invest in Facebook messenger chatbots that will give users the right answer at the moment the question is asked.

So why use chatbots?

  1. They will automatically provide consumers with immediate responses
  2. They can answer standard, simple questions and allow your customer services team to concentrate on the more difficult tasks.
  3. It is not all about being there for your customer queries, you can also build chatbots for content marketing purposes
  4. They are easy to set-up and you can customise them to fit your business and your customers’ needs.

Now you know why these chatbots are the next best thing in customer interaction, let’s take a look at four types of Facebook messenger chatbots your business can bring on board to provide better and quicker customer service.

  1. The personalised content experience – some businesses use chatbots as an extension of their content marketing strategy. This requires almost no effort on the part of the user and if you set it up correctly, the questions you ask your customer will lead to the specific information they are looking for
  2. Common customer service questions – once you have dealt with customer enquires in a business for a while, you will know the most common questions. You can use this knowledge to set-up your chatbot to give out the answers to these types of questions.
  3. Let your chatbot take your orders – once your chatbot has all the information it needs about the products you are offering, it can ask the right questions to get the appropriate answers to take your order for you. The user doesn’t have to search through product information as all the information is given to them via questions and your team can be ready to get the order ready to go, go go.
  4. Entertainment value – we all love to be entertained and your chatbot can do just that – just as long as this kind of approach fits with your business scope. Once users are in the swing of things they can opt to receive future messages from your company and you can arrange to send them fun facts about your products or content that is purely meant to put a smile on their face. Just make sure you send these kinds of messengers to customers who requested it, otherwise you might lose followers and clients.

Chatbots are great but make sure you have a customer service agent on hand just in case the user answers negatively when asked if the chatbot answered the question they asked.