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Five Techniques to Get Your Content Noticed Online

It goes without saying that creating epic content today is crucial.
Problem is, if you don’t do what you can to get that content viewed, well, what good is it then?
Nobody’s saying that having your content noticed isn’t a challenging task – it absolutely can be.

But when your audience pretty much consists of zero people, consistently, it’s probably time to investigate what you need to be doing to grow those numbers.

Technique #1: Write about what you know – not what you don’t

Become an influencer – an authority in your field. In this way, others will be wanting to reference your content when creating theirs, enhancing your credibility tenfold.

You want people to be to be using the content that you create as a resource when that specific topic comes up online. This means you need to know your stuff well enough for it to have value to a wider domain.

Technique #2: Monitor the conversations taking place online – and respond

By following online conversations and articles that relate to your field of expertise gives you the ability to add your comments and link to the post in a way that will help those are talking about the topic.

Utilising a tool like Google Alerts allows you to “monitor the web for interesting new content”. It also enables you to receive notifications on those topics that you want to receive alerts for as frequently as possible.

You can create the alert by setting the parameters for the main keywords or exact phrase that you are interested in. You can even set the frequency for how soon you want to receive the relevant alert.

Upon receipt, you will then be able to receive summaries by email as to how many times your topic has been mentioned online and where giving you the chance to act. With time, you will increase traffic back to your own content which is what you want – ultimately.

Technique #3: Respond to comments

One of the biggest challenges you will face in building your online profile is getting people to comment on your content.

So when they do, reply.

You see, comments earn you authority. They get people to engage. And it gives you a chance to interact with your audience that may otherwise have not been possible.

So by responding, you show you actually give a damn about what your readers have to say. The more often you don’t however, the less people will care about commenting. Not a good way of building a following.

Technique #4: Increase the number of influencers that you want to link to you (backlinks)

The reason why is to increase your rankings on search engines. And to do this you need backlinks from those influencers who you want to not only be reading your stuff but sharing it with their audience as well which in turn will enhance your profile – in the most high-quality credible way.

So what you want to be doing is creating something that epic so at to get your target person – that industry leader – to want to read it.

And make every effort to build a relationship with that person as well. Establish a dialogue. Let them know how what they do has helped you and how you’ve implemented their know-how with great results – which you’ve shared with your readers.

In this way, you will hopefully get that influencer interested enough to want to share the link to your content on their social media and even comment on the post.

Technique #5: Don’t forget to schedule your posts

This is an oldie but a goodie nonetheless.

Don’t publish content randomly. Have a proper schedule in place. People respond well to consistency. Anything less than consistent and they simply lose interest.

Regularity builds an audience and drives traffic. Don’t forget this.

In conclusion.

There are of course plenty of other techniques to get your content noticed of course. In fact, most of them can be found here, courtesy of QuickSprout. So try and use as many of these tactics as possible. Trial and error. It’s how you’ll figure out what works for you. And once you do – dominate your field. Because you can.