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Get Noticed on LinkedIn

They say that different platforms have different purposes, and by ‘they’ we mean almost anyone who has a profile on at least more than two of these platforms. So, if you want to share photographs of your holidays you will use Instagram, if you want to ask your friends a question you will likely use Facebook, and if you want to reach professionals in the market and potential customers for your products then you would most likely go to LinkedIn.

By just knowing a few extra pointers about the posts you put on LinkedIn, you can maximize your content exposure and get where you want to be business wise.

According to the Social Media Examiner, this is what you should practice:

1. Share content that has value to customers by posting in your company LinkedIn page. If customers feel that this is the right place to go for information, they will also ask questions and have their problems solved. This will build brand loyalty and good relationships with ideal prospects. This content could be:
• Case studies – this shows that you follow the market and you care about what you are doing.
• Industry articles – anyone following you will know that you know you are not alone in the market and you are keeping your eye on everything that concerts your products, services and what you can offer your customers.
• Helpful how-to content – easy to follow content that also gives customers what they are looking for to solve their problems, will get user coming back for more.
• Visual content – everyone likes something visual to look at, plus it is very eye catching.

2. Post to Slideshare as it has more than four million visitors on an average day. Here you can share:
• Company videos – a picture tells a thousand words, and a moving ones can tell many more.
• Product how-tos and tips – this can get potential customers hooked and existing ones singing your company’s praises to potential buyers.
• Company presentations – a professional look at a company is always very much appreciated by everyone out there who is serious about what they spend their money on.
• Well-designed short and informative content – with so much out there in the world of the internet, content that is to the point and says exactly what a user was searching for, definitely gets noticed.

3. Publish on LinkedIn’s publisher and reach 45% of top industry professionals. Here you can publish whatever you feel passionate about on a monthly basis. Keep in mind that it is also good practice to link images and keywords back to your company blog to increase traffic.

4. You can promote with sponsored updates, this means that you can publish relevant content and reach a target audience of professionals beyond your company page on LinkedIn. This can be done by sponsoring company news, blog content, industry news and case studies. Plus visuals should always be in the mix.

5. Get talking within LinkedIn groups so that you can build up a community of networks on the platform. Within these groups you can discuss different issues, get certain ideas out there, and start conversation about industry trends.