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Getting Much More from your Social Media Team

There is no doubt that in today’s business world – whatever that business may be – that you need a social media presence to be noticed, to sell and to get that market share needed to make it in a big, and very competitive corporate environment. All this means that the way marketing used to be handled has now completely changed. You still have traditional marketing in the form of press releases, radio and television advertisements, but now the team behind the way your company’s messages are channeled have to be social media savvy – and this means that they can also give so much more.

Knowing how a company’s webpage can get higher rankings on search engines, which social media platform is perfect for certain posts, while also being top in their game when it comes to reeling in your target market – while mapping the social media routines of the section of the population you are interested in – is all good and well but a company can use its social media team for more than just marketing.

A social media team maybe a team in itself but it is also part of an overall group working for a company. Each team can support the goals and functions of other departments and this is how the social media guys can do this:

1. A social media team can help in the planning process. The people who are always wired to the net can give advice on how to position the company and how to meet gaps in the marketplace.

2. The people who are always up-to-date with the trends on social media and who are always refreshing their view on what is out there, can provide information that can fuel new ideas. Just make sure that you have a briefing in advance, that way the members of the team can know what they are looking for and the planning procedure can start way ahead of the actual company meeting.

3. They can reach out to the market when ideas or products need to be tested. A great way is to design a social media survey that will reach a large audience and get immediate feedback to see if strategies are on track.

4. When it comes time to launch a new product, it is this team that can create visibility through paid social media advertisements and partnerships with others who can influence the target market. They can also see who has previously engaged with your content so your company can reach out to them and also others through their network of friends and associates.

5. The team behind your social media campaigns is in the right position to ensure that your content is seen and shared by the right people at the right time. They also know how to make this content last for longer.

6. When executives work with the people behind the social media presence, they can be sure that their brand’s appearance to the outside world is properly managed and set up for long-term success. Their input is crucial for the leaders to position the brands in the market at just the right position and at the right time, meaning that the overall company’s success story will be sealed.