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If done right, one YouTube video can go a long way

In the realm of the social media tool kit for business, there are many devices and instruments that can be taken out at any time to tweak the mix and keep the promotional value of your business ranking highly. But, as with all tools, there are some that hardly ever see the box as they are in constant use, and yet there are others that come out more sporadically on occasions when you need that little extra to get things going again.

One that is pretty much out of the box at all times is YouTube. Why is YouTube so popular? Well, why read about how to do things when you can just listen to someone tell you how and also see them doing it at the same time. Plus, there is no comparison when it comes to entertainment value, coming straight from your PC. A moving picture can create an array of emotions within seconds, and as time is a rare commodity these days, anything that can grab attention in milliseconds is something that should be used to the max.

So how can you do this? Read on:

1. Make people curious – you can put up thousands of videos on YouTube but if no one clicks on them they serve no purpose. So, in order to get clients, customers, users and anyone out there who is hungry for knowledge to watch your video you have to make the story original and interesting. Not always easy you say? Yes, it is not always easy, especially if you are selling a product that will not easily get people excited. So firstly, you have to be excited about it yourself and then think outside the tool box. Perhaps start off with a scene that will get everyone interested and hold their attention long enough to then reveal the essential message. You can be sure that in this way, your final message will stick with them.

2. YouTube is a great place to learn – most viewers are there to discover things and are, therefore, not ready for a hard sell. So, when setting up your YouTube video make sure you choose keywords that are relevant to people looking for new information. If you are not sure which words to choose, Google AdWords can help you out.

3. Get your videos to lead viewers to your website – videos that engage the viewer and educate them will make sure they go onto your website. Once they are intrigued they will view the video but if the video gives them all the information they need then there will be no need to visit your website. Create some sort of a cliff hanger so they will just have to go to your website to see the complete picture.

4. Great videos will lead viewers further down the line – your website is not the only place you want to lead viewers. As we said, there are many tools in the box and in order to help all of them out of the box, the most frequently used ones can give them a little helping hand. In order to help your YouTube channel to lead users to your other channels, make sure to provide relevant information about your company and include links to your other social media profiles.