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Share your day the Facebook Messenger Day way

The world of social media maybe in its infancy if we consider our own existence on this Earth or even the age of the Earth itself. But social media time doesn’t work like normal time, it catches up with new trends, is given a nice and shiny upgrade frequently and shoots out more new functions that users can keep up with – sometimes. Now consider Facebook and the fact that it turned 13 last month – yes, 13-years-old. It might feel that it has been around much longer but, thanks to its reminders of how you felt on a particular day some years ago, or how long you have been friends with a contact, you can pretty much feel that time and Facebook are pretty much best of friends.

A few days ago, Facebook launched Messenger Day on a global scale. As time is of the essence and as the whole point of social media is to let your contact know what you are doing at the time you are doing it, or let your clients into your latest business venture as it happens, the people behind the social media giant decided to give us the chance to share things as they happen.

If you are already used to using Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories you will have no problem getting to grips with Messenger Day. You don’t just share what is happening at the time it is happening so your friends feel like they are right there with you having fun, you can spunk things up a bit. The new functionality works in the stand-alone Messenger application and enables users to customize photos and videos with a huge number of frames to choose from, different special effects and stickers. But how can this new way of story-telling keep our daily live feeling fresh and up-to-date? Facebook won’t keep a record of all the new funky photos and videos you send out, rather it automatically deletes them after 24 hours.

So, there you have it. Facebook is keeping very much in fashion, is giving innovation a run for its money and – once again – makes us feel like it is wiser with age yet ready and very able to hang-out with the young and popular crowd for many, many years to come.