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Tracking through the graphic design trends of 2016

The first two months of 2016 are almost over so it is just about the right time to see if some of the graphic design trends expected for this year have already started to appear on and offline.

According to predictions made at the end of 2015, these are only a few trends that were expected to set our new – now current – year into motion when it comes to visual story-telling.

  1. More unique photos – stock photos are great and they are the go-to source for many graphic designers but with the way we document our lives becoming so on-hand and immediate, the more unique photos can be used to tell a story. In other words, a snap-shot with your mobile phone could be the best picture to fit the story-line.
  2. Talking of doing things differently, have you noticed that instead of pictures, lots of websites are now using videos? We can expect more and more of that this year plus there should be an increase of GIFs.
  3. Making things look cool has always been the name of the game, and now using a range of fonts is at almost everyone’s fingertips. That is why this year typefaces will, most likely, become more creative.
  4. While looking to the future, we often look to the past and the world of graphics is no different. If you haven’t already, watch out for some colours from the past to make a comeback. Things will become groovy once again with the 80s and 90s use of shade giving designs their three-dimensional look.
  5. More material design. Graphics is a visual language and now with things moving faster than ever, that principle language has added innovation together with technology and science to bring us the material design. By combining these four together, now the images put forward on our screens, communicate a feeling of movement, a notion of the presence of tangible materials and the idea that objects are interacting.