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We all love graphics

Nicosia will be hosting the first graphic design festival on May 29, giving all graphic designers – or aspiring graphic designers – the chance to get together, share ideas, hear from some of the best in the business and be inspired.

The festival is being organised by Cypriot graphic design portal I Love Graphic to celebrate its first birthday. It will be held at Skali Anglanzia from 2.30pm until 7.30pm and you don’t have to pay a thing, just register on beforehand.

Give your name at the door and then get ready to listen to the team behind I Love Graphic, who will welcome everyone to the event.

The first speaker will be Marinos Cleanthous, the director of IP Cyprus, who will speak about why it is important to protect original work and how we can do so. Cleanthous will mainly focus on logos as they are what the public essentially identity with a business, a company or a product. So as graphic designers, knowing the rights behind logos and what threats are out there is essential.

Next the festival will proceed with an open discussion led by one of the first graphic designers in Cyprus, Philip De Castan – who has been active in the business since 1966. During the discussion Castan will talk about his experiences as a graphic designer and be ready to answer any questions or discuss any issues further.

After a short coffee break, graphic designer Yiannis Karlopoulos will grab everyone’s attention by talking about how to appreciate the work of other graphic designers.

Karlopoulos will speak about how graphic designers can keep away from coming-up with stereotypical creations due to their love for graphic design, typography and text. He will also explain what the future landscape of graphic design will look like in Cyprus, and how this will feature the Greek, English and Turkish languages.

For the graphic designers of the future, a number of local colleges and universities that offer graphic commination degrees will be present. These include Alexander College, the University of Nicosia, European University, Frederick University and others.

This is the perfect chance for those thinking of following such a career to meet the college and university representatives, look at their programmes and discuss how study and creativity can work together to create that future landscape of graphic design that Karlopoulos will talk about.

The day will end with the opening of the poster exhibition entitled +Motion.