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Why you should start using flipbooks in your digital marketing mix

All romantics will agree that there is nothing like a physical book, the feel of flipping through pages, the texture and the smell of a good book. IKEA played with this idea with the advert Experience the power of a bookbook, an idea that was shared on social media and hailed a great ad. But the company still uses their website to share their catalogue, because those same romantics it is trying to reach, still use the internet to complete their social media daily routine, to view videos, and to do some searching. So to keep these romantics – and everyone else who may not be so nostalgic for the past – happy, the use of digital flipbooks will keep their fingers turning the pages.

Apart from the fact that these books are ecofriendly, they also add a whole new feel to your business, attract new customers, make it easy for those customers to make purchasing decisions, and a whole lot more.

1. Easy to access – instead of going to a physical location to pick up a catalogue, a brochure, or a magazine with all your company’s recent news or a spread of your current offers, all they have to do is click a link. There is no need to download any software or files, just one click and there you go, a glossy book with all the information a customer may need.

2. Feel part of the book – traditionally when reading any kind of book, our imagination was the only thing we had to interact with what we were reading. Now our imagination is heightened with the use of audio and video, two formats that flipbooks can incorporate to pull users in, keep them engaged and make them want to get their hands on your products and services.

3. In the driving seat – there is nothing like being the one in control, and with flipbooks the user can take to the controls. Unlike a traditional magazine or a PDF, a flipbook gives users the ability to zoom in or out, add book marks, and use keywords to search for information they want to read about in the book.
A bit extra – control means saving time: internet users have learn how to use the format of flipbooks from their general use of the internet, so that is time and energy saved on learning. But the most important element when it comes to time is that when a customer knows exactly what they want to find out about, they can hit search, type in what they are looking for and the book will lead the way.

4. Save costs – online publishing has saved companies and writers a lot of money, and also the planet a lot of wasted paper. All you have to do is buy a template and get cracking or hire someone to do the job for you.

5. Sharing is caring – we all love sharing on our social media accounts, it has become second nature to a lot of us. The great thing about flipbooks is that they are so easy to share and have more users interact with it.

If you haven’t already started using digital flipbooks in your quest to get users searching your way, now is the perfect time to start.